we did have a nice

dinner on the last evening: a salad, pasta with basilicum pesto (no garlic!) and ice cream with a plum tart…

there was another huge thunderstorm in the night (the roof in my room held up this time!!!),we had an early breakfast and were on the road by nine.

We had an invitation for a lunch at the Lago Maggiore, high up in the mountains – it turned into a five course luncheon, which was so nice!

Is this not incredible?:


And then we wound our way down the mountain and along the lake, tiny streets, many cars – it took us an hour for twenty kilometers —- and it was more than twenty kilometers to get out of that area!

It is very beautiful there, though:

LagoMaggioreone LagoMaggioretwo

So it took us about eight hours to get back to Munich…. I am quite exhausted today even though I didn’t even have to drive!

It will be a quiet day today, unpacking, doing laundry, getting groceries, and later we will start looking again at photos and letters to sort through…

And on the weekend there will be guests here: Monday would have been our mother’s birthday, so we will have a luncheon at at restaurant and visit her grave. Tomorrow we will go once more into her house, I’ll pack some things to take home… sad and so difficult to do.

Well, and then on Tuesday I’ll pack my stuff to fly back on Wednesday – that’ll be quick, now.

I might write some more – stay tuned! All the best.

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