and I’m at an airport again and early again too, one never knows with traffic and lines – and I do want to catch my plane home.

All went really well at the consulate, very friendly people there, we talked and laughed and I had brought all  the necessary papers (of course!) – and they really did accept the passport photos… oh well! I think photos in passport/driver licenses and such are supposed to make one look… umh, underrated? Challenged? I don’t know….

The appointment lasted all of half an hour, and after that I lugged around my tote bag (I am so glad I did not take the tablet!) because the hotel wouldn’t let me keep the room longer and I did not want to leave the tote at the reception, what with all the papers inside and no lock and and….

In walking distance (whew, it was hot!) I visited an art museum “Perez Art Museum Miami” (=I think, it’s PAMM), which was very nice and I had a nice long lunch outside there as well:DSCN1192

I was sitting right there to the right – and sorry, the photo is not a good one, I just took it while leaving: but you can see the hanging plant columns, cool idea I think! And it was free entrance that day! I had not planned that. Nice touch, though.

I do like traveling, it was nice, and all went really well. Being home again will be even nicer, I noticed I still need and want quiet time, I haven’t even recovered from my travels to Germany yet.

My next trip will be the last week of October – it’s a workshop, so no time for blogging I think. Lots of time for learning for me, though. Yeah.

And here is pure cuteness awaiting me at home:


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