Tlh airport, 9/2

Don’t we have a nice little airport here in our town? No lines to speak of, no crowds pushing around, it’s just quaint (= is that the right word?)!

And I am sitting here yet again, looking out the window to see when my plane’ll arrive. Yeah, I was early, what with driving and all. So now I have coffee (of course!) and oatmeal. Nice.

And, sorry, I did not pack my computer, so all this is going to get published upon my return – this time I really only carry one tote bag which is filled up with overnight stuff and paper: I am on my way to Miami to get my passport renewed. Ungh: they want to see a lot of records – yesterday was spent with gathering and copying and filling out forms… .

I would love to have a global passport! Sure, background check, fine, I don’t have anything to hide. And then I could just travel to where ever! And stay a while, too. And yeah, I’ll update with photos and addresses and such – but that would be it! Oh, it has a driver’s license in it as well – all in one, so to speak. Neat, huh? We are already living in such an electronic world, I suppose it might not be that far away…

Oh, a Delta plane is leaving; I’ll watch that. And then I’ll have my coffee… so, more later….

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