It feels right …

… being here. In Germany.

I did arrive safely for my brief stay on 3/25/2017. My suitcases arrived with me, holding a lot of papers. I had reached my limit this time with how much I can carry… But… it was necessary to bring all these documents with me.

Next time I will bring Izzybella with me.

It feels right. But it still is HUGE, this move, this decision. I still wake up in the middle of the night with fear, my heart racing. Mostly I think it is the uncertainty: dissolving my life in Florida, not yet having assembled a new life in Germany.

It is exciting + challenging + fun + scary + wonderful + huge + sad – all at the same time simultaneously really.

So I guess it is no wonder I occasionally have a panic attack!

Last night I had the feeling that my body also is trying to catch up with all that’s been happening. Great stuff! Yes. But still it is a lot, and I am jetlagged and it is cold here and and and. Yeah. It is way much.

Today I am in Munich; temperature is still in the fifties. Since I arrived on Sunday, the sky is postcard blue! So gorgeous!

I am running errands today, meeting later with family for dinner and a show. Life is good. Izzybella is fine – she is at a dear friend’s house this time because of all the people looking at my house. So it is best for all involved that Izzy is not at my house during those two weeks.

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