An Ode to my House – March 2017

It protects me and I feel safe inside. We take care of each other. It is perfect for me: light and spacious and a great floor plan and everything – I made it even more beautiful now with all the renovations and the addition of the screen room.

I will so miss it.

My beautiful house!

I have never felt this way about any of the places I lived in before.

My house loves having a party and friends coming over. It is proud to display all my artwork on its abundant wall spaces.

It provided a safe haven for me during times of sadness and stress and heartbreak and depression and breakups.

It surrounded me with comfort during the illnesses and the deaths of my beloved cats. And it is amused at the antics of the young cat who now lives with me.

My house loves to be called ‘contemporary ‘even though it was built in the seventies.

It supports my creativity and it feels alive.

I always tell the story of how I found it: I was looking for a house – desperately – one weekend in May of 2006. The realtor and I had already looked at twenty or thirty houses. This one had just come on the market.  It was empty. I walked up to the front door, looked through the window at the stone fireplace and felt goosebumps all over….

My house has a soul. I always knew that and felt it too.

Thank you, dear house, from the bottom of my heart for more than ten wonderful years together. I will always cherish you; my memory of you will be forever in my heart. And I wish you a great new owner – who loves you as well.

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