My house is under contract – April 17, 2017


Right that Sunday after I had arrived back here from Germany people came to look at the house – and made an offer. It was back and forth for a while, but now we have agreed on a price.

I still cry when I just think about all the money and time and effort I put into my beloved house – and what I will be getting out of it. Wow. That is so very sad.

Cannot be helped, of course.

Closing is at the end of June.

And I am busy with: emailing, calling, thinking, emailing, calling, returning calls, asking questions, thinking some more, emailing, calling – all day long to get the timeline worked out. Starting at the closing and working my way backwards: will I have time to get the paperwork done before I head for the airport on the same day? How do I do that with Izzybella? How and when and where will it go with her? What is with my car? Do I need to sleep at a friend’s house for one night? Could I stay here? The movers? How long do they need here? What do I pack for Izzy? What do I need for me? Health insurance? The cell phone? Credit cards? And so on and so on and so forth.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. I have not even started sorting through all the rest of my belongings… There will be another garage sale, the last one, of course. Today I started at seven – and at twelve thirty I was worn out. Still am – my brain seems to refuse to think anymore or make any more decisions or any more calls or any more….

It is going. Slowly, but surely.

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