And sometimes…    

…the sky is all yellow in the evening; a grayish-orangish yellow, spreading out all over. The green of the leaves and the grass pop out in contrast and blend in with all the yellow at the same time. Nothing moves out there, not one leaf.

Then it is dark and the magic of nature continues: everywhere I look it blinks and glows – the fireflies have started their summer lightshow! And I sit on my chaise looking out through the French doors. I observe and soak it all up inside of me, as deep as I can, so that I do not forget.

The next morning is glorious! Comfortable 60 F’s and postcard-blue sky! My bedroom windows face north – almost: this morning there was a circle of morning sun in the upper left hand corner. A ball of yellow golden light greeted me. Oh!

I know how the sun makes its way around the house during the day – the path changes with the seasons, of course. Always though, on midday, warm sunlight shines right in through the French doors and onto the deck.

And not it is almost dark again, the sun has set already. I sit on my lovely chaise outside in the screen room I have added to my beautiful house. I look out over my yard; I look at everything, committing it to memory. Forever.

I will miss it so.

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