It had better be worth it…

…moving to Germany, that is!

I am getting so weary and wary and emotional and fed up about the move so it has better be worth the effort!

I do not do well with uncertainty. Not at all! And that is all I am doing these days.

I start something; make a simple phone call, say, to make an appointment regarding the move and Pop! Pop! Pop! Ten new things are popping up that I need to take care of. And that happens at least ten times every day.

And then there are the decisions! Do I take this book? What about the figurine? And do I need these papers in the suitcase or can I put them in the cargo? Do I want to keep this skirt? And what about the plates? Do I really need all those photos? And the side table? And And And!? I have reached the point where I sometimes just throw something on the pile to be packed without really deciding whether or not I do want to take it – it is too much too much!

And all the paperwork! It is the movers and banks and stuff in Germany and customs there and things here and canceling everything and starting it all again on the other end and and and… . And then I am done with something only to find out that now! They (whoever ‘they’ are in that transaction) would need me to call them and then – pro-duce yet more papers!

So, yeah, it had better be worth it!

I will arrive there in summer, when the weather is warm and mostly nice. We will sit outside a lot and take long walks and make boat tours and sit in cafés and plan day trips and go to concerts and shows and to the Documenta in Kassel, and we’ll cook dinner together and visit friends and have friends over and live!!!!

So, yeah!! It will be worth it!

My family is there. It is home.

And I will not feel lonely anymore.

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