I do send you all the best wishes for this hurricane season. Be safe.

Ja, talking about vibrations – there are a lot and big ones with all the storms, that’s for sure!

And then there are the ones I feel inside…. The first storms of autumn are breezing through here; the temperatures have dropped into the fifties during the day and it is just barely above freezing at night. I have no clothes for that weather anymore! In Florida there is no need for appropriate attire for rain/autumn/snow/winter /hail – one warm jacket and an umbrella will do! Weather here is quite unpredictable – yes, it is generally colder – sure, but today we have had seventy degrees and wonderful sunshine. Talking about vibrations!

I do notice that all is good, all is going well – and I do need so much time to adjust… It is right for me to be here, yes. But there are so many, yeah: vibrations! Images pop up, things come to mind, flashes of memories, all tumbling around inside of me…

An image comes to mind of my grandmother, how we used to walk along long avenues of chestnut trees, looking at the green prickly fruits and then later on collecting the dark brown glossy chestnuts, carving them into tiny baskets or making little animals connected with toothpicks out of them.

On rare occasions my father would fly a kite with me, we ran around on the harvested fields, trying not to trip over the cut stems of the grains left there to rot over the winter.

I remember the apartments and condos I lived in here, how the rooms looked, the neighbors, where I went shopping – and how different it feels being here again now.

And then there are the memories of Fl – just mere flashes come to mind – like walking around my house there, sitting on the chaise with my beloved cats, cherishing each and every moment with them. All my pictures I had up on the walls, the vastness of the house, and how often I came in through the back door from the garage, the way to the mailbox… shopping at WF and NL, the different streets and how often I drove around town.

A glimpse of our salons together pop up, of all the creative energy we released, and of all of you, my friends, our dinners together, talking and laughing. I have the smells in my nose, the fragrances of the land, the ocean….

It comes in flashes, impressions, pictures, a moment in time here and there….. I feel these flashes vibrating through me, creating ripples deep inside, stirring up more memories, letting emotions surface, it is all jumbled together, a glimpse, a flash, a fleeting memory – I cannot grasp it, cannot hang on to it. I just feel the vibrations, the shifting, the deepness, the intensity of this HUGE change I am experiencing.

And I have to let life be, I have to let all the experiences work their way through me, creating shifts, making new memories, ingraining themselves deeper, stirring up sadness, grief, joy, peacefulness, so many different emotions…

… and some roses in the yard here are still in bloom….roses

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